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8 Tips for Do-it-yourself Focus Groups

Running your own focus groups is a bit like doing your own tax return – it all depends on how complicated the job is and the results you want. It’s one thing if your return is simple; another if you have complicated investments.
But clients sometimes ask me for guidance in this area. I generally explain why running focus groups is not as simple as I try to make it look. But I know they are just going to look for advice online.
So if you have to or need to do it, here are some things to consider.

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How can we create world-class service training for contact centre employees?

photographerWe were asked to conduct a series of focus groups to support the custom training being built by another consulting firm. Our proposal: instead of just talking to customers, why not bring in a video operator to capture real customer stories?

Net result: instead of using actors to portray typical service encounters, real customers told real stories that were used in the creation of training modules.

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