Abbott Research
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A brief history

Since 2000, we’ve been leading customer experience consultants, helping clients rethink and innovate their services and customer experience.

We led some major change projects for clients, mobilized front-line reinvention projects, and found insights that powered product and service breakthroughs. We used tools ranging from requisite organization to co-creation to creative problem solving and qualitative research. We co-founded a global alliance of insights leaders.

In the process, we won some awards and did work we were very proud of.

What’s happening now

Now we consult on insights projects for other people that are leading the charge. And run the occasional creative facilitation project. We also refer people to leading practitioners around the world from our extensive network.

We’re still connected to Think Global Qualitative, an alliance of leading insights specialists.

Susan Abbott

Before launching this consulting firm, Susan was a general manager in the financial services industry for 17 years. She’s a learning junkie who goes to conferences and takes courses for fun. Over the years, she’s earned an MBA, CMRP, CPS Advanced Facilitation, Myers-Briggs Qualification, FICB and has advanced training in Requisite Organization.

She continues to be involved professionally with QRCA, the professional home of qualitative researchers.

Susan is author of two books and numerous articles, and has been a frequent speaker at international conferences and events. Now she is working on a new book about retirement, launching a new blog, and taking on miscellaneous passion projects. And she makes art.

Qual-Online: The Essential Guide

Learning how to do online qualitative research is a foundational skill, as important as knowing how to conduct in-person focus groups and interviews. This book will help you navigate the many different types of tools (platforms) available, plan your research project, manage the avalanche of data you are likely to get, and climb the learning curve faster. Written by Jennifer Dale and Susan Abbott, both leaders and innovators in online qualitative research, this hands-on guide is a must-have in your research library. “Masterful, informative and fun.” “A wonderful book.” “A gold mine.” Available from Paramount Market Publishing 


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