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Find the people behind the numbers and the why behind the what.

See the patterns and connections. Get immersed in your customer’s world.

Unpack Rich Insights

Rich qualitative insights can bring your big data to life – through understanding goals, roles, spaces and places – all the contextual and subjective material that drives human behavior.

We’re passionate about finding insights using the most current methods, combined in customized ways.

How we do it – together

We have a full menu of methods and we’re learning – or creating – new ones all the time.

You don’t have to be a methodology expert, because we bring that to the party. Let’s work together to select the best approaches for your objectives, your target group, your timeline and budget.

A selection from our menu of approaches

Mobile Insights

Video snippets and text messages are just two of the digital approaches we use to transport you into your customers’ world.

Discovery Labs

Like a focus group on steroids. Watch what happens when you bring your project team and your customers together in the same room, all engaging in insight activities and projective exercises.  An instant debrief after will see us working collaboratively to process the nuggets of insight.

Online Communities and Mini-Communities

A fantastic research method for consumers and for businesses. These programs can run anywhere from a couple of days to several months, and always provide incredible depth of learning.

Executive Interviews

In-depth interviews with exactly the right individuals can enhance any project. We’ve interviewed real-estate industry gurus, boards of directors, tax specialists and systems integrators, to name just a few. If your customers are business executives, we will treat them with special care, but we will still get the insights for you!

Ethnography and Self-Ethnography

With mobile devices, getting into your customer’s world is easier than ever.

Hybrid Approaches

We’ll bring together multiple methods as a comprehensive way to offer a 360o view.


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How does a mutual fund reverse poor sales of its portfolios?

people working at a large whiteboardChallenge: Our client was the mutual fund management division of a major bank. They had met with success selling a specific portfolio type through internal channels, but not through third-party financial advisors.

Previous research had not identified a solution.

Approach: We conducted in-depth interviews with successful internal advisors and sales managers to understand where success was coming from. Then we collaborated with the client to create a series of concepts isolating individual benefits.

An online discussion forum was used to obtain detailed feedback from a national sample of third-party financial advisors.

Outcome: The client has a clear path to market this product successfully: messaging, barriers, and training approaches. We were able to identify inflexion points in terms of advisor experience levels that will assist them in crafting the right messages.