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We use our Clear Insights Process™ to guide every project.

Define Objectives

Collaborate for clarity on project objectives. What do we need to learn? Do we have hypotheses … or are we exploring for hypotheses and blue water?Sm150Thumb-Qualitative-Planning-Guide-2015

Are you still in the process of clarifying your objectives? We have a simple guide that can help. Click the image to download a PDF.

Develop Roadmap

Design and select options for the project. We manage all project details

Discover Insights

The research delivers the insights. Insights become input for facilitated sessions that deliver new concepts and ideas for innovation

Debrief Learning

Immediate debriefs help capture observations and inspiration

Deliver Clarity

An integrated report pulls everything together in one place, enabling you to move forward on the challenge



Facilitation, research, co-creation: What's the difference?

photograph of beach houses used to illustrate similarityThe skills of group facilitation and qualitative insight hunting aka research are very similar. Which is why many qualitative research consultants, including me, also facilitate. But there are a few important differences. (Which might explain why so few facilitators also conduct qualitative research.) Co-creation is a fusion of the two.

Some skills are common to both

When I think about the researchers and facilitators I know, these skills and orientations are generally common to both groups. Continue reading