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Big leaps to new thinking

Use Discovery Driven Innovation to bring fresh thinking to your product or service built on a solid foundation of consumer insights. We help you discover and decode insights, generate new ideas, develop and test solution concepts.

These projects help clients make big leaps based on a deep understanding of customers and context, by bringing qualitative insights and expert facilitation together.

Our Clear Insights Process™ guides our collaborative efforts, and ensures we never lose sight of your objectives. More important, ongoing debriefs throughout the project mean you can implement quick wins as you find them.

Discover Insights

Qualitative methods such as Discovery Labs, online communities and on-site observation generate insights. This is the power that discovery driven methods bring to your innovation challenge – you build new ideas based on a solid foundation.

Decode Discoveries

Decoding matches the project. It might be extracting need states or occasions of use. It might be looking at roles and relationships. It might be capturing goals in the context of a segment. We supplement your team’s perspective with our own team’s expert analysis.

Catalyzing Questions

Finding the right question is the first step towards getting a new answer. We use a variety of brainstorming techniques to uncover the questions that come out of the discoveries.

Idea Generator

Divergent thinking is a powerful tool to help your team generate new answers.  Our approaches include brain-writing, brainstorming, forced connections, laddering and dozens of divergent techniques.

Build And Refine

Ideas need to be evaluated and turned into concepts. Concepts need to be tested and refined with input from your target group. Road maps need to be created.

Does your brainstorming need a kick-start?


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How should a future tax-information service approach technology design?

A client expert joined me in the offices of tax specialists working in a wide variety of environments. One participant took us into his filing room and showed us his challenges in dealing with foreign language subsidiary financial statements, and how he was solving this issue.

After decoding these insights, a sub-group of the same individuals, and some new faces, were invited to half-day Discovery Labs.

Beginning concepts were stress tested and refined, and approximate price tolerance for new services was gauged.