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What are some of the ways to facilitate strategic planning?

signpost of speed bump aheadCase study #1

Challenge: A B2B division of a major telco had been through multiple re-organizations and mergers. Internal processes were frustrating staff at all levels.

Approach: We designed and facilitated a half-day workshop that identified the barriers to delivering quality. Teams created blueprints for making organizational change.

Outcome: The management team had only a few hours at a national conference to make progress on a huge challenge. We helped them leverage this very small window of time to get things moving.

blank signposts in several directionsCase study #2

Challenge: An industry association needed to refresh their strategic plan in a one-day board offsite. The board directors are marketing executives in a wide variety of industries.

Approach: We facilitated a full-day workshop, working with the association executive to formulate the plan.

Outcome: The executive director was able to focus on content instead of process. A successful event helps keep volunteer directors engaged.