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Are you looking to kick-start progress?

We create custom workshops and events

We’ve helped clients prioritize customer experience issues and brainstorm new products. We’ve helped teams develop a vision of the future. All our events are custom designed to meet your exact needs, using a wide variety of proven tools and techniques.

Together we will design a detailed plan for the event – including your involvement as a leader.

Together we will choose from a wide range of creative activities that will keep your team energized and doing their best thinking.

Knowledge Harvest

Capture your team’s knowledge and build new ideas on solid foundations. Example techniques we have used include Speed Bumps (problem identification), and Facts In Five (sharing key facts).


Perhaps your team needs to get more immersed in the customer experience. We’ve taken teams on bus trips, sent them on shopping excursions, and provided unique homework assignments.

Persona Creation

Creating a persona for the one ideal target customer, or the multiple unique segments, provides an exceptional focal point for testing new ideas and concepts.

Catalyzing Questions

Finding the right question is the first step towards getting a new answer. We use a variety of brainstorming techniques to uncover the questions, then prioritize.

Insight Games

Being playful in a structured environment can reveal new approaches to problem solving. We use collages, objects, and physical movement like the Process Improvement Ball Toss to help people tap into fresh thinking.

Roadmap to Results™

Roadmap to Results™ is a unique visual tool used to capture a top-level project plan: the challenge, the ideal result, the subject matter experts, success factors, how things will be different in the future, obstacles and resource requirements. Take it home from the workshop and get started.

Power up your brainstorming!


There are many ways to brainstorm. Learn the methods the pros use to get more and better ideas. Download the free Guide to Brainstorming.


What are some of the ways to facilitate strategic planning?

signpost of speed bump aheadCase study #1

Challenge: A B2B division of a major telco had been through multiple re-organizations and mergers. Internal processes were frustrating staff at all levels.

Approach: We designed and facilitated a half-day workshop that identified the barriers to delivering quality. Teams created blueprints for making organizational change.

Outcome: The management team had only a few hours at a national conference to make progress on a huge challenge. We helped them leverage this very small window of time to get things moving.

blank signposts in several directionsCase study #2

Challenge: An industry association needed to refresh their strategic plan in a one-day board offsite. The board directors are marketing executives in a wide variety of industries.

Approach: We facilitated a full-day workshop, working with the association executive to formulate the plan.

Outcome: The executive director was able to focus on content instead of process. A successful event helps keep volunteer directors engaged.