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Co-creation: Sharing Feedback, Honest Communication

handshakeIt’s my firm belief that co-creation feedback is only happening when there is a genuine feedback loop, not one-way communication. I’m seeing a lot more evidence of this lately.

B2B example of co-creation

I use a hosted exchange service for my business offered by Sherweb.

Although I find their system baffling at times, it is a solid service for a very reasonable price.

I just got another survey from them, and here is what caught my attention:

  • they told me this is the third phase of their work to gather information from customers
  • they used the first page of the survey to tell users what actions they have taken to improve service since the prior survey

It is so startling to actually have a small business  tell you these things, that it is noteworthy!

Consumer goods

I’ve recently had similar experiences with other small organizations. AeroPress provided specific feedback via e-mail from a senior guy at the business! He told us what he had heard, and he told us that they were going to be proceeding with a new product, and when it would be available!

Listen, talk, listen again

It’s crazy to think that our ideas about corporate communications are so stiff and fossilized that open communication is radical. But it is.

I love seeing smaller organizations really working at this. It shows that you do not need to be a global behemoth to do a great job on listening to your customers.